Award winning photography

Mark’s artistic talents have consistently won the studio many, many awards over the years. Mark's work has received some of the loftiest awards a photographer can achieve. Notably:

  • Mark’s work has been featured in the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World.
  • Mark’s has work in the permanent loan collection of the P.P.A. (Professional Photographers of America)
  • Recently one of Mark's bridal portraits was featured on the cover of the P.P.A. loan collection book.
  • Mark received the Master Photographer of the Year award from the I.P.P.A.
  • Mark’s work was honored at the P.P.A. National Convention with one of the top ten prints in electronic imaging.

Raves from Satisfied Customers

"Mark's work exceeded our expectations for our wedding photography. We had the enviable problem of having more amazing photos than we knew what to do with. The Celebration Album is amazing! Oh and did we mention we LOVE the Celebration Album?"
Danny and Melanie Staten

We are "happy return customers"!
Peggy Crandall

"The photographs are wonderful. You are really amazing, I will definitely spread the word."
Elizabeth Tucker

"Mark listens, you get what you want, we are very satisfied!"
Trisha Biesinger

"You're the best Mark, you take your time and make it great."
LeAnn Gerber

"I really love what you do, you are the best photographer I've ever had!"
Linda Ratigan

"We love your work!"
Janine Miner

"You're the most awesome photographer ever!"
Jenny Reimann

"We love the photograph of our family! It's just beautiful!"
Stacy Atwood

"You're a Master!"
Jan Izatt

"I love these, I want a ton more!"
Christy Alger